84 thoughts on “Appearances

  1. Hello!
    I saw that you’ll be in Chicago for C2E2. You’re one of my favorite authors and I’m so excited that you’re coming! I’m a Youth Services Librarian in the Chicago suburbs and we’ve been visiting local junior high schools, singing the praises of your books to students. We don’t have any copies left on the shelves!

    Will you be signing and if so, do you know what table you’ll be at?

  2. Hi!!! My name is Sarafina Llorens, and your book Seraphina has been a great help to me in my life (my sister bought the book for my on account of my name! its the same pronounciation, just different spelling).
    I am 18, I sing in my women’s choir in High school and I preform in an elite singing group in my High school. I imagined myself in this book, feeling like I could get the Prince, and I could maybe even have a sense of belonging. It’s been an inspiration to me 🙂
    I felt like I even fit that awkward description given of the girl (even worse I have an extra canine tooth, being my “dragon tooth” 😉 ), which made me feel even more at home in the book. The dragons, the fantasy, the love, and more just provided me such a sense of enjoyment, I couldn’t put the book down.
    Thank you so much for this book, and giving me a sense that I was actually in a fantasy world of my own.

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  4. Rachel (if I may) – I was delighted to discover that you found my book LESS THAN HUMAN useful. If you visit my website at http://www.davidlivingstonesmith.com you will find lots of more recent stuff on dehumanization that’s directly pertinent to monstrosity.

    David (Livingstone Smith)

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