A beginning is a very delicate time…

That’s the obligatory first blog post title of any nerdly being worth the name, is it not? Well then. I had to fly my colours right up front, so you know who you’re dealing with.

Of course, now you’re going to picture me as the disembodied head of Princess Irulan. I can think of worse things, so that’s okay.

My name is Rachel Hartman. I’m a writer and a smart-ass. I’m Canadian and American and generally full of beans. This is a test-post, obviously, so you shouldn’t take anything here too much to heart.

Welcome, all.

6 Comments on “A beginning is a very delicate time…”

  1. Captain Editorpants says:

    Well thank goodness for the Princess Irulan name drop. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known what the heck you were talking about. Now that I do, I am very pleased.

  2. Ha! Did you not see the David Lynch movie of Dune that came out in the 80s? Or maybe you did, and wisely tried to forget it.

  3. Phoebe says:

    Yay, Rachelblog. That is all.

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