And then I was taken out by a microorganism

Well, a virus anyway. Do they count as microorganisms? I remember debating this question with my sister at the dinner table when we were kids – are viruses alive? – but I don’t remember what we concluded.

Given how old we were, we probably concluded my sister was a booger. That’s how most of our intellectual sparring wound up.

Anyway, I’ve got a cold. That doesn’t mean I haven’t found anything to challenge your little brain, however. Here’s an excruciatingly comprehensive round-up of the #YesGayYA topic that’s been blazing through the YA blogosphere (and you know it’s been BLAZING like a supernova if I mentioned it already, because I am always the last person to know anything) (and yes, I noticed they didn’t round up my paltry contribution, and that’s really ok). My Takei post got a lot of eyeballs, so I figure there are a few of you interested in the topic.

You know who else has a lot of eyeballs? The Harvester of Eyes, that’s who.

So you see, having a cold is bad, but it could have been much, much worse.

7 thoughts on “And then I was taken out by a microorganism

  1. It’s surprising that that video didn’t show us the Harvester of Eyes. But I imagine for most people who see the Harvester of Eyes that he is the last thing they see.

  2. Anything that busts me up and reproduces itself in my body is alive, as far as I’m concerned. Of course, this begs the question “Would nanomachines reproducing and screwing me up in my body be considered alive?” MAYBE.

    I remember my science teacher in junior high telling us that there was debate as to whether viruses were “alive” or not.

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