Cantankerous updates

* I seem to have defeated the virus. Either I’m awesome, or it was very very wimpy. Let’s all just vote for the former, shall we? Maybe that will un-grump me a little bit.

* The next three weeks are going to be particularly busy here on the home front, so this is just a heads-up to say posting will be sporadic until after Canadian Thankgiving (called “Columbus Day” by our southern neighbours, and “October 10th” by the calendar).

* Still no cover. We were very close for a moment; there was a possible cover that I loved dearly, but it’s looking like that won’t be the one after all.

* It’s ok. These things happen. I’m not mad about it anymore.

* I’m cranky because I’m looking at the gigantic pile of scheduled activity for the next three weeks and thinking, “I have another book to write now. When, exactly, am I supposed to write it?”

* That’s right: I’ll get it done by shorting YOU. It’s sad, and true.

* Ah, don’t cry. I’ll pop in occasionally with cryptic, haiku-like posts. Little koans. It’ll be fun.

* Here’s one now: The novice Rachel sat at her keyboard, staring at a blank screen. Her wise little dog trotted up and said, “Rachel, why do you despair?”

“I’ve forgotten how to do this,” said Rachel.

“Are you sure you ever knew?” asked the little dog.

“Is that supposed to be funny, little dog?”

“No,” said the little dog. “But this is.” And the little dog made a ridiculous noise in its throat, like Scooby-do gargling.

Rachel laughed and it was, if not exactly well, at least a little better.

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