Release date change!

It looks like Seraphina will be coming out July 10th, 2012, instead of the previously announced date in May.

I realize that means waiting two extra months for it – and I totally sympathize with how heartbroken you all must feel – but it’s actually good news. Captain Editorpants assures me that this means Random House is trying to optimize the release date so that my book can make a bigger splash. Yay!

But even better than that: it means the book will be coming out the day after my 40th birthday. As if it were a birthday present, yes. It just strikes me as auspicious.

I’m not superstitious as a rule, but I’ve had enough setbacks and weird luck on the road to being published that I am only ever hesitantly optimistic. Somehow, though, this has broken through my skeptical shell just a little bit. July is a fine month to be born, for books and people both.

Time to start planning that party, methinks!

One Comment on “Release date change!”

  1. karemagic says:

    You do realize you’re going to need to have your cake printed with the final cover for the book, right? Or maybe a separate cake just for the book. Hmmm, more cake is always a good thing. . .

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