Done! (for now)

I sent the sequel to my editor last night! It’s out of my hair! And if any of you have seen the vast thicket that is my hair, you know that’s an accomplishment.

Now, let us have no illusions about this: there will be revisions. Probably many stages of revisions. There always are.

But! For now let us bask in one of my favourite parts of the writing process: pretending I’m done! Woooo-hooo!

I celebrated last night by going to choir practice – I know, I know, I am out of control. Off the hook. But I sang really loudly, and I played YES at excruciating volume in the car on the way there and back.

I considered inflicting some ABWH on you, since that’s the other thing I was listening to last night while in decompression mode, but I think instead I’ll give you the song I had going on endless repeat while I worked yesterday. It’s called “Hope”, which seemed apropos at the time, and it’s a solo by Alex Lifeson, the all-too-often overlooked guitarist for RUSH:

It was just the right touch of optimism at just the right time. And now I get to rest. See you next week, friends.

2 thoughts on “Done! (for now)

  1. I just realized I haven’t commented here in ages and ages, so I’m rectifying the matter. Facebook kind of reduces blog comments, you know?

    I have three comments!

    1. I like your little Una on your sidebar decoration.
    2. Tommy started reading Amy Unbounded last night and he’s quite inspired by the idea that I know someone who writes AND draws. He wants you to know that he does both as well.
    3. I can’t wait to read your book!

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