Wherein I am the grumpy

I’m afraid I have a bad mood to sort out. But all is not lost! Here’s Firth of Fifth, by Genesis, and that improves the world on several fronts at once. Isn’t that piano solo at the beginning the most gorgeous thing ever? And that line (or possibly pair of lines) — “He rides majestic, de blah de blah”. Almost doesn’t matter what comes next, “he rides majestic” is perfectly sufficient.

Back later. Sometime. In all likelihood.

3 thoughts on “Wherein I am the grumpy

  1. “…past hordes of men / Who care not, or gaze with joy.”

    Yeah, I know you said it doesn’t matter, but since the rest of the line popped automatically into my head, I’m not going to be able to just leave it there unfinished. Sorry…I tried, for like five whole minutes. Personally, I’ve always been amazed by the line “Undinal songs urge the sailors on,” because clearly Peter Gabriel thought the world needed an adjectival form of “undine.” Basically, that whole album comes across as a statement of “we’re an over-educated prep school band, and we’re going to show that off.”

    In any event, I hope you’re feeling better, and thanks for the Tony Banks solo…that always makes ME feel better, anyway.

    • Hey, have you heard any of Tony Banks’s solo albums? Are they any good? I ask because Scott got this Steve Hackett solo album, and initially I scoffed at the very idea, but then I’ve been completely obsessed with it for a month. Now I’m all, “Who else did one?” and it turns out Tony did a LOT, but surely not all solo albums are created equal (lookin’ at YOU Jon Anderson) so I don’t know where to start.

      • Whoo, old stuff. Let’s see…the only solo album of Tony’s I can remember owning is “Bankstatement,” which I owned on LP, of all things, so I haven’t heard it in years, but I remember not being terribly impressed. I know he contributed to the soundtrack of the movie “Quicksilver,” but I never bothered chasing that down. When it came to collecting the Genesis members’ solo projects, I had all of Peter Gabriel’s stuff, all of Phil Collins’ stuff, and even Mike Rutherford’s pre-Mechanics albums (“Smallcreep’s Day” and “Acting Very Strange,” both of which were…not bad), and then I kind of ran out of money. I don’t think I had any of Hackett’s stuff other than GTR.

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