Happy Canada Day!

I am back from my top-secret vacation to an undisclosed location, and just in time for Canada Day. Happy birthday to my beloved second homeland. You don’t look a day over 145!

In honour of that, and of this month being the final countdown to my book release, Seraphina gets a nice mention in a post on Hidden Canadian Gems at Badass Book Reviews. Thanks, AH!

Also, thanks to Rebecca at Book Chick City for this lovely review. It went up a few days ago, while I was still off the radar.

As the month progresses, there will be guest posts by yours truly in a number of locations. I will try to stay on top of things and link to them as they happen, but if you spot one before I do, don’t be afraid to speak up!

One thought on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. hoorah Canada! Thank you for being (so much) older than the separated-at-birth pair of Hartman and Wilde! (wait. That sounds like a law firm.)

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