Another interlude

Technically this one is musical as well, but the music isn’t as good because it’s me singing it. I suddenly realized that because I missed choir practice last week, there’s an entire song I don’t know at all. It’s our conductor’s idiosyncratic arrangement of “Bring Me Little Water Sylvie.”

“Idiosyncratic” makes it sound dreadful. It’s not. It’s quite good. It just has a lot of accidentals and some interesting but counter-intuitive dissonance. Also, the MP3 he sent me features him singing the alto part falsetto, which gives me the giggles.

So I am trying simultaneously to learn the alto part and write blog-tour posts. My success rate at each is about what you might suspect, although I think I’ve about got the song down. I’ve been singing along so automatically that I forgot I was doing it when I answered the door for the FedEx guy.

Curiously, the lyrics at that moment chanced to be perfectly apropos: I can hear you callin’!

FedEx, it appears, selects its delivery dudes for unflappability. This is why.

Speak, friend!

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