Review at The Book Smugglers

Hello darlings! Most excellent news: The Book Smugglers have put up their review of Seraphina. They’ve been very careful about spoilers, so if anyone has been avoiding reviews for that reason, you’ve nothing to fear here.

I am so very pleased, not merely because they liked the book, but because The Book Smugglers was one of the very first fantasy/YA review blogs I came across, back when I first went looking for such things. I have always been impressed by the care and thoughtfulness they put into their reviews, and I feel honoured to have been featured there.

As it says at the end of the review, they invited me to write an “Influences & Inspirations” guest post, which will be up on Monday along with a chance to win a copy of the book. Spoiler: I wax even nerdier than usual about music! Go me! I feel like I should assign some listening homework over the weekend.

Speak, friend!

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