Review roundup

An enthusiastic review at Bookyurt: “This book gobsmacked me, with its assured storytelling, sheer originality, and lovely, lovely voice.”

Misty at The Book Rat seemed to enjoy it too. Maybe just  a little bit. Also: another of the video interviews I did this spring will be up at her site soon. It’s the one where I sing, you lucky people! I’ll make sure it gets inflicted upon all of you when it’s up.

The fellow at YA Know What I Mean? was not as impressed. But YA know what? That’s cool. It’s important to get another angle on things, I think.

Misfit Salon likes the use of music in the book. Thanks! Those were some of my favourite passages to write.

Paranormal Indulgence has rated it “Perfect Bed Partner”. As someone who loves to read in bed, I appreciate that! Possible spoilers, maybe? I can’t ever tell.

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