In honour of the day before

Here is the exciting video interview I did with Misty at The Book Rat! I have to warn you, I get silly. I sing (if you can call it that). I was operating on maybe two hours’ sleep. It was a coffee miracle.

I believe my guest post at The Book Smugglers goes up today too. I’ll update with the linky when I get it. Update: Here it is! Come see which nerdy albums I listened to most while writing Seraphina!

(I almost wrote “The Book Snugglers”, which strikes me as adorable.)

Second Update: A lovely review at!

Tomorrow is the big day, friends!

5 thoughts on “In honour of the day before

  1. If I recall correctly (and I have not yet found corroboration of this on the internets), the “Fa la” was an entire genre of English Renaissance songs, the most famous being “Deck the Halls”. But there were lots of other songs that fit into this genre by just having a chorus of “fa la la…” I wish I could remember another example.

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