Emotion vs. intellect

Here’s a blog post about emotion vs. intellect in fiction. Specifically YA and MG fiction, in this case.

What interested me most, strangely enough, was the classification of genres as Adrenaline, Emotional, Intellectual, and Landscape. I wonder whether these don’t correspond to the predominance of certain elements of fiction, namely (in the same order) plot, character, theme (or ideas), and setting. Novels should have all of these, of course, but I’m sure readers (and writers too) feel consistently drawn to some elements more than others.

2 thoughts on “Emotion vs. intellect

  1. Pshaw, I say to that blog post. The primary attraction of a well crafted novel is often in the eye of the beholder. Says the woman who spent a lifetime reading LoTR and somehow missed the botany.

    • LOL, this is one of those situations where I really wanted to write a whole post on this, taking it in an oblique direction, but I just don’t have the time or the brains right this minute.

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