Last excitement for a while, just as the rain sets in

To the kids at the event today who were wondering about the Estonian bagpipe metal, the band is called Metsatöll. Here’s one of my favourite of their songs, with plenty of bagpipe and a men’s chorus (special for this song), performed in a somewhat more formal venue than usual:

Yes, I really did mention them at my event today. The kids seemed interested, but then who wouldn’t be? Estonian bagpipes, after all. Supah awesome.

My heartfelt thanks to the organizers of Vancouver Writers Fest, who put me together with some really wonderful writers for these events. I got to talk to Susin Nielsen, Susan Juby, and Kenneth Oppel, who were all thoroughly delightful. I met a few more YA authors last night as well, Richard Scrimger, Arthur Slade, and Janet Wilson, and got to see my pal (from last week) Shane Peacock as well. Lots of good writing happening in Canada, friends! I merely mention the fact!

Ah, but I’m ready for things to slow down now. I have had so much fun and met so many people that I can tell it’s time for quiet, work, and (of all things) rain. Vancouver’s providing a lot of the latter right now, right on schedule. It’s perfect working weather, maybe because I don’t feel any real drive to go out in it.

Neither does the dog, who gave me a sarcastic look when I tried to take her out at noon, walked stiff-legged for blocks, and then decided to show her enthusiasm for turning back toward home by pulling my arm off. Ah, yes, back to normal!

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