One more

School Library Journal has also included Seraphina on their Best Books 2012 list!

In other news: November is almost over, which is a relief. It is always my most challenging month, for some reason. The waning of daylight? The ceaseless rain? Maybe it’s the fact that the year is ending, and I’m not ready for it to. We can’t have 2013 yet; I haven’t done everything I wanted to do. It’s like, the midlife crisis of months. By December, I’m old and resigned to it and actually kind of looking forward to starting a new year.

No idea. But I think next year, instead of keeping my head down and trying to muscle through November, I’m going to do it differently. I haven’t quite decided how yet, but stay tuned. I’m sure you’ll all be holding your breaths.

Edited to add: Ooh! I also got mentioned on The Beat, which gives my old comic-loving heart a little thrill!

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