Fan art Monday!

Hm. I guess if I wanted to be alliterative, I’d have waited til Friday. I know from experience, though, that waiting begets procrastinating, which begets forgetting, which begets embarrassment, which begets more procrastinating, etc. It never ends. The time for fan art is NOW! I have proclaimed it thus, and thus mote it be!

Two lovely pictures after the fold. The second image is possibly spoilery. You have been warned.

The first of our pictures is a bit of scratch-art, a rendition of the dragon on the cover.



I received this piece when I gave a talk for a book club at Christianne’s Lyceum. Those are some super neat book clubs Christianne has going, if you’re in Vancouver. The kids all prepared questions for me, they made a snack of foods mentioned in the book, and we played “Pictionary” with words from the book (there were some tough words! What was I thinking?). Everyone also did Seraphina-inspired scratch art. One of the moms, who was quite an excellent artist (as you can see), did this piece and let me have it.

The second piece I have had for almost six months, and I am totally embarrassed that it took me this long to put it up because I love it. I just have fluff-for-brains, clearly. It’s the one that I suspect is lightly spoilery:

If you've read the book, you know what you're looking at.

If you’ve read the book, you know what you’re looking at.

Isn’t that lovely? M, thank you again, for drawing this and for entrusting it to (fluff-brained) me. It’s even prettier in person.

Last but not least, I link you to some fan art of Abdo. Neat, huh?

As an erstwhile cartoonist, I am tickled to no end by all these pictures. And hey, if you’ve done some fan art, let me know! I’d love to make grandiose promises about not sitting on it for six months, but y’know. Le fluff, c’est moi.

6 thoughts on “Fan art Monday!

  1. Wah I can’t believe I missed this post. Thanks so much for putting the fan art I gave you at the library on here, it’s really an honour to be one of the first to draw fan art on such an incredible book! My friend and I look forward to your return to Toronto c:

  2. This is probably beyond too late, but I only recently read the books (and drew fan-art).
    I’m sorry for the way I drew her dress, I know nothing of how clothes “worked” in the middle ages, nor what the clothing that was more specifically mentioned (such as a doublet, though that isn’t relevant to this drawing anyway) looks like.
    I hope you like it (if you see this comment, that is)

    • Thanks for sharing this with me! In fact the dress looks simple and unassuming, which is something that would appeal to her, so no need to apologize. Keep drawing, and happy new year!

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