Weep, O Mine Eyes

I’ve joined a madrigal choir, which is kind of exciting. We’re singing this:

Isn’t it lovely? Although I have to admit “and cease not” sounds a lot like “and see snot” when you’re singing. There was a certain amount of giggling about this, not all of it mine.

This video is also super useful for learning the song, since it follows right along with the music. I sang alto (although I managed soprano for “Mille Regretz”, which we also sang). I’m technically a mezzo, I think, and am trying to pretend this is a feature, not a defect. Good for both, not good for nothing.

9 thoughts on “Weep, O Mine Eyes

  1. (1) I first mis-read your post and thought you’d written that you joined a magical choir. Which would be awesome.

    (2) When I saw musical notation under title “Weep, O Mine Eyes”, I figured your post would be about an attempt to perform John Stump’s infamous Farerie’s Aire and Death Waltz:


  2. Sang this 30 years ago in college and it is my all time favorite madrigal. Haunting and lovely. Just finished Seraphina and discovered your blog. Thank you! Thoroughly enjoyed reading a fantasy novel that had early music woven so beautifully into the plot!

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