I learned today that Seraphina has won a Cybils Award for YA SF/F. My heartfelt thanks to all the nominators and judges from the book blogging community. This is a relatively new award, but Random House notified my editor that I’d won, so I’d say the publishers are taking notice and keeping track.

It was also announced today that Seraphina has been short-listed for the Waterstones Prize in the UK. The story made the BBC news site (I’m linking to that story because the title cracks me up. Beavis and Butthead, y’all! Oh, and some other books!). This is a huge honour. The winner will be announced March 21st. I’ll be under my bed.

In totally other news, my photographer friend Lauren Zurchin is doing a fantasy authors calendar for charity! Go check it out, and then support her Kickstarter to help make it happen! I’m not in it*, but many other exciting people are, the idea is excellent, and the charities are worthwhile.

* Because “Spocktober” is not a month. How was I supposed to know?

Is that all we got? Only one thing more: Vancouver has crocuses, ladies and gentlemen. I’m callin’ it for spring!

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