Son of the Return of November

Here we are again, at the month I love to hate, when the days grow dark and the intractable rain sets in and there isn’t even Thanksgiving (here in Canada-land) to break up the gloom.

Last year I proclaimed it the True and Holy Month of Nothing, which went really well. I hope to loaf a little less aggressively this year, however, because I have something I want to work on and I’m not nearly as burned out.

And hey, the month is off to an auspicious start! Suspiciously auspicious, if you ask me. I am ever sceptical of November’s motives. I had an excellent writing morning, however, and then it was so sunny (contrary to November’s usual practice) that we all went for a bike ride. We found a delicious tapas place for dinner. Can’t ask for better than that.

Does November get you down? Well, pull up a rock beside the fire. I’m planning on toasting marshmallows and singing stupid songs all month long.

6 Comments on “Son of the Return of November”

  1. Luna Cooler says:

    Well, there’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, and I know you live in Canada, but it’s open to everyone outside of America), or if you don’t want to write a novel in a month, you could do NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), in which you post every day in November.

  2. anne says:

    Well, Thanksgiving just kind of adds pressure to the month, anyway. And at least you have no leaves or gutters! Though I guess, without either…..

  3. andreablythe says:

    I tend to enjoy November for being quite productive writing-wise, due to Nanowrimo. And I love rain. I keep begging it to rain here in California (and not just because it would help relieve the drought). I just love curling up with a book, all warm and cozy inside will out side the rain patters on the window.

    • LOL, well, Nanowrimo makes me panic (although I’m kinda, sorta, dilettantishly doing it this year, if anyone wants to be my buddy. I’m amyunbounded, but I’ll warn you right now that I cheat). It just gets so dark here. I think I have a touch of SAD or something. 🙂

  4. Dee says:

    November here in Australia – and especially in Melbourne, is Spring Racing Lunacy, complete with lashings of hayfever. If I were a gardener, I’d be in danger of extreme distraction, as everything is going mad out there. As it is, I look out the window and go, “…were the roses that big yesterday? Oh well, back to the writing!” 🙂

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