Seraphina in Spanish

Coming soon!

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I am particularly intrigued by the tagline, which translates as: Everyone lies. You, too.

In North America, by contrast, Random House used: Can one girl unite two worlds?

The Italian edition says: The girl with the heart of a dragon.

Now I kind of want to go through and make a study of these! It’s always interesting to me how many different angles one can take on a single work.

Anyway, I’m eager for this one. I corresponded quite a bit with the translator, who impressed me as a smart and conscientious person. I may even try to read it; I studied Spanish from junior high all the way through university, and I was (at the height of my powers) reading Cervantes and García Márquez. I’m twenty years out of practice, but I’m pretty sure the words all still live in my head somewhere.

3 thoughts on “Seraphina in Spanish

  1. I love the tagline.

    I’ve had several years-long gaps in my Spanish study, and I’ve always been able to pick reading back up again quickly, especially when I’m already familiar with the content. Reading is much easier for me than listening. I bet you’ll be all ready to read!

  2. The German edition seems to have kept the North American tag line (“Kann EIN Mädchen ZWEI Welten vereinen?”), but actually altered the title of the book itself: “Serafina – Das Königreich der Drachen”. Seraphina—The Kingdom of the Dragon!

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