A bit of prog for a Friday

So this week I am enjoying the heck out of Spock’s Beard. My darling husband got their album Day for Night for Saturnalia, and I’ve been listening to it while doing all kinds of annoying chores. “Gibberish” is my favourite song so far:

It’s like YES and Kansas had a big goofy baby. In fact, there are a few sections, first at 0:26 and a couple more times after that, where they seem to be blatantly quoting Kansas (instrumentally) (I’ll go find the Kansas song, if you need me to, although it might be more than one, kind of mashed together, because I can’t immediately put my finger on it).

Anyway, enjoying it immensely. I’m not well acquainted with most latter-day prog rock, so it’s fun to hear and know that it’s still a thing. And here’s a question for the people: do you know of any female prog rock bands? The don’t have to be all-female; a vocalist would do, or a couple band members. I was just thinking about that this morning: I’ve know of more female cookie-monster-voiced death-metal singers than female prog rockers. I’m happy to believe this is my own ignorance, because I haven’t gone looking for them, but I’d really like to be corrected on this point!

3 thoughts on “A bit of prog for a Friday

  1. If you don’t mind female-fronted prog metal, as opposed to prog rock, I have some suggestions from the world of European femme metal. You may like Ex Libris’s album Medea, which features clean and operatic female vocals by Dianne van Giersbergen. She also fronts Xandria for their most recent album ‘Sacrificium’, but they are more heavily symphonic with choral elements (which I suspect may be an acquired taste). Their previous album, ‘Neverworld’s End’ had a different, even more operatic vocalist.

    You may like the prog metal band Kamelot, which has used female singers on individual songs on all (?) their albums since ‘Epica’.

    If you can abide symphonic metal (which often has prog elements, I think), you might like Epica (clean/operatic female vocals + male growling), After Forever (similar, same growler), ReVamp (same female singer as AF, but harsher metal sound), Nightwish, Tarja Turunen’s most recent two albums (former singer of Nightwish), Delain, or Within Temptation (those last four are cookie monster-free except for WT’s first, doom metal album)

    On a more bookish note, I loved Seraphina and am eagerly awaiting Shadow Scale!

    (With apologies for the exceedingly long comment.)

  2. My husband suggested Steeleye Span but I think that’s more folk? He worked with a female lead singer in his Black Sabbath cover band who also worked with a Yes cover band. I would have loved to see that but never did! I don’t see prog rock mentioned very often so this really caught my eye. I’m a big fan of Yes, Jethro Tull & old Genesis. The hubby is a King Crimson devotee.

  3. First, after hearing this cut I added the album to my wishlist. Thanks!

    Second, yesterday I needed a fifteen minute song to listen to, and went to the first thing I thought of, Jim Malcolm’s “Tam o’Shanter”. (The version from “Tam o’Shanter and Other Tales”, he released two much shorter excerpts on previous albums.) It’s maybe only as prog as Steeleye Span, but it’s sort of in the right spirit, and it’s a really tasty setting of the Robert Burns poem. Not at what you were looking for, but I offer it in the “get a song, give a song” spirit.

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