I contain myself, but just barely

I thought I was immune to this kind of excitement, but I opened the package and squealed like a little piggy:

I tried to get the sun on it so you could see the shiny, but nothing is as shiny as the real thing.

I tried to get the sun on it so you could see the shiny, but nothing is as shiny as the real thing.

So there it is, my friends. The hardcover. It comes out two weeks from tomorrow. Did you think the day would never come? Me, too, darlings. Me, too.

But there is more news, by golly! There is a party happening at Kidsbooks and you (yes, YOU!) are invited. March 10th, 7pm. Here are the relevant details.

I am also finding out a number of exciting things about the upcoming tour. March 13th I’ll be at the Provo Library in Provo, UT. March 14th I have a signing at Barnes & Noble in Orem, UT. The 16th I’m at Children’s Book World in Haverford, PA, and then it looks like the 17th I might be at Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor. Toronto on the 20th! I will add these to the Appearances page soon, but I wanted to put them here first because more people see this page.

So exciting! So busy, ugh. More soon.

6 thoughts on “I contain myself, but just barely

  1. You didn’t really just apologize for being excited to see your book in print, did you? I’ve been an editor for 20 years, and I still get excited every time I get a copy of a book that I worked on. It’s the physical manifestation of months or years of time and effort — why WOULDN’T you be excited?

    Thanks for the info on Children’s Book World. Looking forward to seeing you!

    • I wasn’t apologizing so much as shaking my head in wonderment. I have had to harden my heart against my own success, if that makes any sense. This book was hard to write in part because I was always looking toward this, rather than being content with being in the moment, doing the work. I may have gone a little too far the other direction, haha. But that’s all right. I think I can manage to relax and enjoy this. Looking forward to seeing you lot, too! 🙂

  2. I have had this on pre-order for about as long as one has been able to have it on pre-order. March 10th can not come quick enough. I tell all my students about your first book and now I am so excited to soon be able to tell them about this!!!! Congratulations Rachel!

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