T minus one week

…and Misty at The Book Rat is up to shenanigans. SHENANIGANS, I tells ya! She asked me all kinds of tricky questions, but I was able to face them down with dignity. Always dignity.

Elsewhere, I stumbled across a particularly nice review of Shadow Scale from Tanita at Finding Wonderland. I have not been reading reviews — in fact I’ve been very strict with myself about this — but I saw a tweet about this one that used the word UNEQUIVOCALLY, and that kind of sucked me in. (My husband, when he reads this, will shake his finger scoldingly at me. Yes, dear. Back on the wagon I go.) Still: insightful review, worth a look.

I am wondering, at this point, if I couldn’t just sleep for a week. I’m like a kid on Christmas eve. IS SANTA HERE YET? HOW ABOUT NOW??

Speak, friend!

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