This and that

* Over at the Lytherus Book Club they’re reading Seraphina and Shadow Scale. Part 1 of the Seraphina discussion is up today, and tune in tomorrow for more. If you leave questions in the comments, I will be answering them in person soon.

* In other news, I remind you of my Burnaby event AGAIN. Because it’s going to be awesome. We’re practising our songs tonight. If you’re planning to go, please do click that link and RSVP, because the room only holds 60 (including me and the madrigal choir).

* My North Vancouver Capilano Library event, which was cancelled due to circumstances most dismal, has been rescheduled for Friday, May 15th! I hope all the readers who were sad to miss me in March will be able to make it in May.

One thought on “This and that

  1. Okay, so this is not that, but is still of import.
    I just finished Shadowscale, (and have resumed breathing normally, though there were several moments of breath stealing amazement). It was… will need more time to mull it over, suffice to say I enjoyed the sequel greatly.
    However, I still has questions.
    To begin with, will there be more Gorredi books that may answer some of the questions?

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