You missed me talking about music

And I don’t know that this will satisfy you, but I have two small things to say.

First: My friend Karen New has done it again. Go listen to her rendition of “My Faith Should Not Come Easily.” This is another song from Seraphina, the one her mother’s writing during one of the maternal memory scenes. Love (I command thee) the draconic, orderly harpsichord obbligato! Marvel at the soaring flute, and notice the fluttering and the possible snatches of birdsong! Just lovely, although harder (I suspect) to sing.

Second: Today’s earworm, courtesy of author Max Gladstone’s blog (where I ventured to read Avengers criticism and stayed for the music videos).

It’s poppier than I usually like, but the lyrics and the video are talking right at me today. Go out, they’re saying. Go out and get your errands run.

Oh, wait, that’s my conscience. My bad.

One thought on “You missed me talking about music

  1. I love Vienna Teng! and I love that video. I’m also continually gobsmacked by Hymn to Axion. She’s a very intelligent songwriter.

    Thanks for the link to Gladstone’s blog, which I’ve seen before but should really be following. He’s a very intelligent man! Did you read his post on Agent Carter, which turned into a brilliant essay on how society’s obsession with sex is ruining the concept of friendship? i found it quite powerful. (And I think maybe I should try watching Agent Carter again.)

    Karen’s song is beautiful.

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