Kelly Loy Gilbert: Conviction

Almost forgot to link to the last interview! Sorry about that. I guess my brain is tired. Here’s Steph Kuehn’s interview with Kelly Loy Gilbert, author of Conviction.

Congrats again to all the Morris finalists. I’m sure they’re as eager as I am to learn the results on Monday morning.

Edited to add: THIS is the real interview. The link above is Metalcore Shepherd’s Pie, which is pretty good, but isn’t what I meant to put there. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “Kelly Loy Gilbert: Conviction

    • HAHAHAHAHA! OK, remember the part where I said my brain was tired? I guess I wasn’t kidding. Apparently I failed at copy-n-paste, and it pasted the last thing I’d successfully copied. And I completely failed to notice.

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