ALA Youth Media winners

The Youth Media Awards had already been announced by the time I got up this morning (they’re on the east coast this year, and I’m on the west, and I get up early but not that early). Here’s the rundown of this year’s winners (unless it’s another metalcore recipe, you never know with me). Particular congratulations to Becky Albertalli on the Morris Award.

Everybody’s gushing about Matt de la Peña’s Newbery win – it’s been a long time since a picture book won the Newbery, but I don’t think it’s unprecedented. Back when I set out to read the whole list (I was 12; I didn’t get through it), I’m pretty sure there had been at least one picture book winner. Still, it’s super rare, so this was a wonderful surprise for everyone. My experience with book-award predictions is that people enjoy guessing right, but they enjoy even more being proven delightfully wrong.

Of course, this morning we also learned that David Bowie died. My condolences to the grieving. I’ve never been such a fan of his music (*loses half her readers in one go*) but I’m enjoying reading about what an extraordinary human being he was.

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