Finally: February!

*blows dust off blog*


Hello friends! I know it’s been a ridiculously long time. Allow me to make it up to you with flowers:



I know they’re not the showiest, but they’re always one of the earliest, and they remind me that winter always ends. I’ve lived in this neighbourhood long enough that I know exactly which snowdrops bloom first; if you didn’t know to look behind a little low hedge, you might easily miss them.

I feel very lucky that they were there today when I went looking, because now I can share them with you.

I have a book coming out soon, you may recall. I’m at that stage of stomach-knotting anticipation. You’d think it would get easier, now that I’ve gone through it twice, but it doesn’t.

To keep myself from gnawing my nails to nubs, I’m going to be posting here. Our annual Morris Award Interviews go up next week, so that’s something to look forward to. I’m doing interviews and writing guest posts, and I’ll let you know when those go up. And of course, there will be a tour! Dates to go up very soon, so you can mark your calendars and plan your road trip, if necessary.

For now, though, let’s look at these snowdrops, take a deep breath, and dream of spring.

Speak, friend!

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