Promo, then music

TESS got a nice write up in Bustle yesterday: The 17 Best Books Coming in February that Make the Perfect Valentines Day Dates. The mention is down at the bottom of the page, since it’s coming out at the end of February — not quite in time for Valentines. The book is also a little more heartbreaking than I personally would want for Valentines, but that’s just me. Maybe it would be well-suited for when you’re crawling out of the rubble a couple weeks later, though.

All right, whew! It’s hard making myself do promotional stuff, and I always feel sorry making you sit through it, so here’s a song we’re thinking of singing this year at madrigals:

Based on how stuck it keeps getting in my head, I think it’s one of my most serious contenders (we choose our pieces based on which songs we’d be heartbroken if we didn’t sing, you see). This video, though, is also utterly charming. I’d love to know the story behind it. I played in a few youth orchestras in my day, but we never stood up and sang. I kind of wish we had.


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