A little housekeeping

  • I’m going to try keeping to a schedule with this blog, since I am the sort to fling myself passionately at a new project and then burn out. I’ll be posting on M-W-F for a few weeks and see how that works.
  • Why yes, I do know it’s Tuesday, smarty-pants. I did not write this! I was not here!
  • I’m slowly but surely putting some delicious links down in the blogroll list, for days when you are sad and miss me. Right now it’s mostly book-chat sites, authors I like, and favourite musicians. Soon (by which I mean “whenever my inner chaos permits me to get to it”) I hope to link to a few other places my previous work can be found on the web. Things like the comic strip I linked to last post. There’s more where that came from.
  • If you’re very, very good, I could probably insert some comics directly into the blog here. Many (though not all) of my old comics are set in Goredd, just like my novel, so that might provide some insight and amusement. Or, y’know, bail me out when the day comes that I can’t think of anything to chat at you about.
  • Don’t count on that day coming too soon, however. I actually sat down and brainstormed blog topics – in the interests of not burning out, which is something I’m slowly learning I need to focus on – and I believe I could go on until the proverbial last dog is hung. (NB: no dogs will be hung on my watch, you have my word!)
  • But not today! I vanish as quickly as I appear! You saw nothing!

11 thoughts on “A little housekeeping

  1. Wait! You novel is set in Goredd? I thought it was a steampunk thing? Or is it Goreddi steampunk??????

    Yes! Embed Comics! My kids are sick of reading Galaxion over my shoulder because Tara doesn’t update enough! And LFG and XKCD aren’t really short-person appropriate…..

  2. What? No, not steampunk! SERAPHINA is straight-up fantasy.

    I was writing a cyberpunk romance novel, too, just to pass the time while I waited for Captain Editorpants to get back to me. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking of? I used to complain about it on Facebook. It’s more of an adult novel, though, insofar as there’s a sex scene on page three. I don’t actually anticipate it seeing the light of day, but it was damn fun to write. It’s your stereotypical “Boy meets girl, boy has head full of killer nanobots, girl gets sex change, together THEY FIGHT CRIME” kind of book.

    • Dear Fan,

      When I was in junior high I made earthworm cookies and ate them. At school, yes. In front of everyone. On purpose. I think it’s pretty obvious I was born fabulous.

      Your sister,

      • Dear Rachel,

        is it true that if you really like a musician you eventually come to look like them, and that’s why you resemble Geddy Lee?

        A Fan

    • Thanks! That purple tile is actually a sample of the background of one possible cover for the book. There may still be changes, so I can’t reveal the whole thing yet, but I love the colour scheme!

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