And now, a medieval drinking song…

We’re singing this in Madrigalians, and it’s totally stuck in my head:

Our version has juicier harmonies, but I’m kinda digging the crumhorn and pipes here. I’m not entirely sure why this version comes from a Christmas album, though, as this is a straight-up paean to beer, nothing Christmas-y about it.

But the best (or possibly worst) thing about this song is that you could keep on inventing new verses for it until the end of time. You just follow the pattern, “Don’t bring us X, because Y, but really bring us ale, because Z.” Maybe that’s how it pertains to the holidays: you can sing it endlessly on long car trips! Grandma and Grandpa will be so pleased when their grandchildren arrive, singing loudly about ale.

Hey, it’s better than “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.”

2 thoughts on “And now, a medieval drinking song…

    • Ehhh, only if you stretch “wassailing” to mean “drinking in general,” although I understand it originally had lyrics in Latin. Maybe those were more holiday-themed? But yes: CATCHY. That’s why I felt the need to inflict it on everyone else.

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